A Pandemic and a Volleyball Player

I​t has been over a year and a half of this wild Covid world. It has permeated every fiber of society. I do not know about you, but it has forced me to go into survival mode a little bit. Some things have fallen out of my focus, this blog included. In the spirit ofContinue reading “A Pandemic and a Volleyball Player”

Packing Up My Life As a Fashion Fanatic

With my recent move over seas to finish out the volleyball season in the Danish League… I had to pack up my life in a checked bag, carry on, and personal item. This can be a real predicament when you are the clothes hoarder, that I am. I enlisted the help of my sister MollyContinue reading “Packing Up My Life As a Fashion Fanatic”

Dealing with Surgeries as a D1 College Athlete

As a four year starter, for the most part, performance was always at the top of my mind. I have never been one that handled sitting on the bench well, and had not had to deal with my body being the reason for not playing until my Sophomore year of college. I had a muscleContinue reading “Dealing with Surgeries as a D1 College Athlete”