A Pandemic and a Volleyball Player

I​t has been over a year and a half of this wild Covid world. It has permeated every fiber of society. I do not know about you, but it has forced me to go into survival mode a little bit. Some things have fallen out of my focus, this blog included. In the spirit ofContinue reading “A Pandemic and a Volleyball Player”

My Mental Health Story

My Mental Health Story WARNING: This story is about my struggle with self harm, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and depression. I talk about these things as they happened and from my perspective, some of which may be upsetting.  ​I have been neglecting my blog recently, because of an inner conflict in what I want to achieveContinue reading “My Mental Health Story”

A Letter Home: A DANISH Bronze Medal

I​t has been almost a month since my last letter home. So, let us catch up on what has been happening up here in the adorable country of Denmark. We have had our last few regular season games here in the Dansk Volley Ligaen and competed in the final four weekend of the Danish Cup.Continue reading “A Letter Home: A DANISH Bronze Medal”

A Letter Home: We Made the Final Four!

I​n the two weeks since my last letter home, we have played two matches. The first was a tough loss against Middelfart (I know, I know… one of the many funny jokes in English at the expense of the Danish language). The following game was the quarterfinal match where the winner would be going toContinue reading “A Letter Home: We Made the Final Four!”