Fashion is a Mirror

F​ashion is physical, fashion sense is mental, and fashion expression is spiritual. I have been accused before of reading into things too deeply. To a person that has zero interest in fashion, this can be obnoxious. I can be obnoxious. However, I would argue that anything in this life can be studied in depth. ThisContinue reading “Fashion is a Mirror”

How to Find Your Aesthetic

I wanted to start this blog, because I love fashion and love talking to people about it. There are many reasons for loving fashion: self expression, creative outlet, and its effect on culture and relationships. Sometimes, I forget one other reason, and when I spend a lot of time around the “fashion community”, I thinkContinue reading “How to Find Your Aesthetic”

Brown is REALLY the New Black

I have never been a fan of brown shades. In my mind, they were all just a “wanna-be” Black. My senior year in fashion school changed a lot of significant things about me, but one of the more subtle changes was my perception of the color brown. This new discovery may be a huge stretchContinue reading “Brown is REALLY the New Black”