A Letter Home: A DANISH Bronze Medal

I​t has been almost a month since my last letter home. So, let us catch up on what has been happening up here in the adorable country of Denmark. We have had our last few regular season games here in the Dansk Volley Ligaen and competed in the final four weekend of the Danish Cup.Continue reading “A Letter Home: A DANISH Bronze Medal”

Fashion is a Mirror

F​ashion is physical, fashion sense is mental, and fashion expression is spiritual. I have been accused before of reading into things too deeply. To a person that has zero interest in fashion, this can be obnoxious. I can be obnoxious. However, I would argue that anything in this life can be studied in depth. ThisContinue reading “Fashion is a Mirror”

How to Find Your Aesthetic

I wanted to start this blog, because I love fashion and love talking to people about it. There are many reasons for loving fashion: self expression, creative outlet, and its effect on culture and relationships. Sometimes, I forget one other reason, and when I spend a lot of time around the “fashion community”, I thinkContinue reading “How to Find Your Aesthetic”

A Letter Home: We Made the Final Four!

I​n the two weeks since my last letter home, we have played two matches. The first was a tough loss against Middelfart (I know, I know… one of the many funny jokes in English at the expense of the Danish language). The following game was the quarterfinal match where the winner would be going toContinue reading “A Letter Home: We Made the Final Four!”

Brown is REALLY the New Black

I have never been a fan of brown shades. In my mind, they were all just a “wanna-be” Black. My senior year in fashion school changed a lot of significant things about me, but one of the more subtle changes was my perception of the color brown. This new discovery may be a huge stretchContinue reading “Brown is REALLY the New Black”