Im not a victim

Im not quiet

Im not shy

Im not weak

I can’t handle it

I make mistakes

I should have known

I was told what would happen

I should leave it alone… i am being dramatic.

I am a MAN


I am a LOVER

I need to heal.

He hasn’t stopped, but stopped me.

I froze.

I am frozen.

This is my lions den.

I have been stuck there on that couch for 5 years.

I tried to forget.

I tried to maintain the person he was to me, to keep him near.

But i was angry.

I showed him.

I stole, I lied, I broke, I changed.

I got what was mine, since he got what was….

It wasn’t his. He stole, He lied, He broke, He….

He didn’t break, because he was already broken.

I was supposed to fill the cracks but i just fell right through them.

I didn’t break, i was already broken.

He filled the cracks, just to shatter the notion

That I had a man

Who loved me.

he respected me.

he supported my plan.

I had a MAN.

But What i needed was a SAVIOR.

A supernatural healer.

I found a redeemer.

What’s the use of a faker?

I am whole.

I am chosen.

I am saved.

I am sanctified.

I am not what i have done.

I am not what he did.

I…. am a child of the SON.

Published by WhiteChocolateWonderLand

Believer | Volleyballer | Fashion Enthusiast 💋💎 James 5:13

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