Believing the Lie

How could I be so stupid.

Shopping around for idols like ok cupid.

Asking to be a part of “something more”

Filled with the fear of being a bore.

Don’t make me choose, God.

Im too afraid of what i might lose, God.

Please let me keep just this one thing.

Let me be your child and something more.

Everyone has there stuff, right?

Wait, its just a basic human right.

What’s wrong with a little glitz and glamour?

I deserve to be a King.

Im just being open minded.

It would be stupid to be blinded.

Everyone needs to find it.

Whatever makes you feel right, and… whatever makes you feel… right.


Wait this isn’t for me.

Im simply not ready.

If you loved me,

You would’ve warned me!

Oh wait! That was you?

You were providing me with people that knew?

You were stepping in for me,

When judgement was condemning me?

I wish i would have listened,

I’d give anything to be mended.

Published by WhiteChocolateWonderLand

Believer | Volleyballer | Fashion Enthusiast 💋💎 James 5:13

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