The Book of James Bible Study

I have been experiencing major life change in the last year and a half. All thanks to my relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That sounds bizarre to say because I repented of my sin and accepted salvation at six years old. My heart has proven to be belligerently rebellious against the transformative grace of Jesus Christ, which has kept me in a state of immaturity as a Christian. I can say now, however, that I have been purposefully growing in my relationship with God for the first time since I was a young teenager. The sufficiency of His grace during this time has been incredibly encouraging and difficult. In this growth, I thought it would be beneficial to do an in depth study of a book that has a special meaning to me.

James is my middle name. My parents gave me the name because of who he was in the Bible and for my great great Uncle ( I do not really remember how many greats). I do not know if other Christian families name their kids Bible names so that they have a “birthday verse,” but my family would go to the book of which one of our names was the title and then open to the chapter and verse that matched our birth date. That was our birthday verse. That is the only part of James that I really have residing in my mind permanently. James 5:13 says,” Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful? Let them sing psalms.” This is just one of the many verses that we will be going over in this study. My goal is start go from beginning to end of the chapters that make up the book.

I have a few fears going into this. I am insecure about how little I seem to understand and know about the Bible as person raised in a christian home as a christian. So I am going into this as a student sharing what I discover and not as a “listen here what I know.”

I hope it is encouraging to someone and I am excited what I might learn about my personal Savior, the church, and myself. I will be posting what I learn from the first section of the book this Sunday and so on, each Sunday.

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