A Letter Home: A DANISH Bronze Medal

I​t has been almost a month since my last letter home. So, let us catch up on what has been happening up here in the adorable country of Denmark. We have had our last few regular season games here in the Dansk Volley Ligaen and competed in the final four weekend of the Danish Cup. We finished the regular season as number two in the league behind reigning league champs, Gentofte. The final four weekend for the Danich Cup started Friday morning with a departure from Nordenskov to Aaruhus. Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark with a population of about 230,000 in the city itself. We played the semifinal match against Marienlyst. It was a tough first two sets that we lost. I got to go in to set in the third set and finished out the match. We were able to take it to five sets, but lost the fifth. That sent us to the bronze medal match the following morning at 9am against Aarhus. Aarhus, the hometown team, had a lot of supporters which made for a fun environment. We won the first two sets fairly easily but hit a slump in the third set. We lost the third set and began the fourth with a quick deficit to make up. I got to play in the last few points of the second set that we won steadily, and was fairly quickly subbed in the fourth set when we started the first ten points at a deficit. We won the fourth set, thanks to a team effort to shrink the deficit, and came out on top. After the men’s final finished later that afternoon, we had a short medal ceremony where we were given our bronze medals. The matches during the weekend pulled a fairly good sized crowd, and it was fun to see what Dansk Volleyball has to offer. 

Photograph by Alan Garlick

T​he weekend included the women’s final four matches as well which we got to watch in between matches. We had dinner at a delicious restaurant, Flamen (translated to “the flame”), friday night. The club sponsors paid for the delicious buffet and non-alcoholic beverages which was unexpected, but definitely made sense with how hospitable the Danish people have proven to be. Saturday for lunch I had the most delicious barbecue burger from Aarhus Street Food, a food market I highly recommend. Saturday night after all the matches had concluded was the Dansk Volleyball Gala. It included socializing, photos on a red carpet, a three course meal, and awards ceremony. After the gala, we drove home that night arriving in Nordenskov around midnight. 

Photograph by Alan Garlick

W​ithin the last month, I have really enjoyed coaching the women’s second team for NUIF. The women are eager to learn and grow in their volleyball knowledge and ability which is honestly impressive considering they range in age from fifteen all the way to women to my mother’s generation. It is so interesting to see and try to understand their perspective on volleyball and how it differs from mine because of where we come from. It is very cool to see how this sport can bring people from all different walks of life together. I have made friends with many of the women, and some have even invited me over for dinner and game nights which have made this place feel like home. For that, I am so grateful. 

Photograph by Alan Garlick

I​ am still enjoying working on my blog posts, the videos I am now uploading to youtube, and my IGTV. I am excited to see where this little side hustle goes and appreciate all the support you all have given. I am still crocheting my scarf, reading, journaling, practicing my Danish, learning from my devotions and discipleship lessons, sketching, and now trying to plan out what my summer back in the states will look like. All of this I am able to do because of this opportunity from Nordenskov UIF to get paid to play the sport that I love. I am so grateful for the opportunity and to my God, family, and friends that have been the support system that has enabled me to take advantage of said opportunity. 

Photograph by Alan Garlick


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