A Letter Home: We Made the Final Four!

I​n the two weeks since my last letter home, we have played two matches. The first was a tough loss against Middelfart (I know, I know… one of the many funny jokes in English at the expense of the Danish language). The following game was the quarterfinal match where the winner would be going to the final four. I was not fully aware of the significance of the Danish Cup until we began to prepare for the match. It would be the club’s first time going to the final four of the Cup. The final four is a weekend where you play the semifinals and final and then have celebrations, banquets, or something like that. We traveled to Hvidovre, a club located in the Copenhagen area of Denmark. The club rented a bus and sold tickets to our fans to join us on the drive across Denmark. It was a fun experience and very cool to see the excitement on my Danish teammates’ and especially fans’ faces. 

This week we have two matches, Wednesday and Sunday, as we continue with our regular season league games. The club’s new found success in the Danish league is very cool to experience. Especially, because Nordenskov is such a small town competing on volleyball’s largest stage in Denmark. 

T​he last two weeks for me have been up and down. I experienced the first feelings of homesickness coupled with the newness of my life here in Denmark wearing off (which will always reveal things that may not be completely positive, as with any situation). Thankfully, the overarching feeling is that of gratitude. Gratitude that I am able to be over here doing something I have wanted to do since childhood. I am trying to make sure I take advantage of my down time between trainings and lifting. I have complained about not having time to do things that I wanted to all throughout college. So, I am determined to do them now that I have the time. I am calling them my daily disciplines. When I wake up I do a devotion on my fav app the YouVersion Bible, brain games on the Elevate app, and ten pushups. In the mid-day, when I have my down time between trainings I meditate, study either my discipleship lesson or my faith journal (Yes mom I still have never technically finished that… sorry), and create something. The meditation is a simple, ten minute session usually facilitated by the Calm app where I focus on my breathing and usually some sort of character trait. Discipleship, if you are not familiar, is a sort of Bible study that one goes through with a mentor where I study the reasons behind what the Bible teaches and, therefore, what I believe as a Christian. The creating portion of my day can be anything from writing for this blog, filming for my new IGTV series, sketching, or crocheting. Before I close my eyes to sleep, I practice my Danish on Duolingo, reflect on my day by writing in my journal, and go through my prayer list. 

A​ll these things are an attempt to better myself as a person holistically. In a time of extreme connectivity, through the skewed lens of social media and other technology, it seems like it is “trending” to have a skin care, meditation, reading, creative, sleep, work, and hobby routines. This makes us think having all those things as part of our day is possible or absolutely vital. Which then leads to a lot of over exhausted and insecure people that feel like they can not keep up. I am very prone to this, because I love the idea of doing these things everyday and having a steady upward slope of growth. As I have gotten older, I am more and more aware of my idealism causing negative emotions to cloud my otherwise extremely blessed life. All this to say, that I love having this goal to do these disciplines everyday, but I am continually reminding myself it is not the end of the world if I miss one or two every now and then. I have had one day, since I started doing this specific list of daily disciplines about a month or so ago, where I did not do one of the things on the list all day. That is just real life and that is okay. Life is not a straight line, in fact, usually it is all tangled up like spaghetti. 

T​hat is about all I have for you guys on what I am up to over here in Denmark. Sorry I do not have a lot of pictures for this letter home! Thank you so much for following my new chapter in life! I hope these posts allow you all to see into my life in a helpful way. My next episode on my IGTV series will be up on my Instagram this Sunday! I will be going over the Color Me Confident post and answering some of your questions.

Xoxo Adam

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