Packing Up My Life As a Fashion Fanatic

With my recent move over seas to finish out the volleyball season in the Danish League… I had to pack up my life in a checked bag, carry on, and personal item. This can be a real predicament when you are the clothes hoarder, that I am. I enlisted the help of my sister Molly who has made the trip overseas for volleyball seasons, and just brought t-shirts and gym clothes. She cracked the whip, and I had to remove several things… but it needed to happen… I’m fine… everything’s fine. So here is how my list ended up:
15 socks
15 underwear
10 gym shirts
10 gym shorts
3 sweats
4 jeans
1 slack
2 cotton shorts
5 shirts
4 collared shirts
4 sweaters
2 boots
1 Court shoes
1 Tennis shoes
1 Sandals
2 belts
1 scarf
1 tie
1 knee pads
2 hats
2 coats
A handful of jewelry
Everything I packed (for the most part) can be mismatched and paired together. There are A lot of neutral bottoms and tops with a few statement tops. The gym clothes can be thrown away after my season here. I have a puffy warm athletic coat and a cute vintage L.L. Bean coat. So I am able to have a style outside the gym but stay practical and within my weight restrictions for my bags. The rest are pieces that I thoroughly enjoy or have some special meaning to me. (Cause I am a ways from home and I know that I am going to get sentimental) Personal style is all about expression, feeling comfortable in your own skin, and highlighting what makes you special. We will see how long it takes me to be stressed about how little I have to wear. We will have to see what Denmarks Thrift store game is like, as well.
A post about my travels across the ocean and settling in to my life here in Denmark will be coming soon.

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