Welcome, to begin my attempt at this blogging thing, i will introduce myself and explain the purpose and goal of this tiny spec in the universe of the internet. My name is Adam Brewster. I am a product of two loving, Christ following parents, Mark and Tacey Brewster. I am the second youngest living child of what can only be described as the gaggle of 7 children that my parents have created. We are very close and my siblings are some of my best friends #brewcrew 😜. I am currently studying Fashion Design and Fashion Business and Entrepreneurship at Lindenwood University, St. Charles and playing NCAA D1 volleyball for the university. For those that do not know me in real life i will do my best to objectively describe my general essence as a person. I am outgoing/talk to much, expressive/loud, confident/attention seeking, loyal/aggressive, and compartmentalized/out of control. I decided to begin a blog for many reasons: my therapist suggested it, ever since seeing the movie Julie and Julia i have wanted to have one, and i would like to think that it will be helpful to me and others to express myself. So i am thinking each blog post will have a specific topic but from my deeply personal perspective. When reviewing (googling) how to go about starting a successful blog it was all about a target audience and catering all content towards that audience. I have never been good about fitting into predetermined boxes, so i will just leave this open. We are all human after all. The older i get the more i think relatability/likability is really just being seen with an open mind.

Talk to you soon,


Published by WhiteChocolateWonderLand

Believer | Volleyballer | Fashion Enthusiast 💋💎 James 5:13

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